All types of Alloys in all types of material, no matter what your needs are we will full fill them.

Harisons, and it group of companies are growing into a multinational company by working with its customers and its sales force. We are expanding with our current clients and new clients in North America, Asia and Europe to start offering our product and services to more European, Australian, and Latin American Nations.

We offer a total in house solutions for our clients starting from in house pattern shop to casting in different alloys to Machining and warehousing in India, US and soon in Europe.

We also provide a our engineering services to clients to produce a better, faster and cost effective product. Our quality-control and our engineers work hand on hand to provide our clients with the best services using the best technology available.

Our company is structured to provide our client with services that are better than services provided by there current supplier with out feeling the job is being manufactured thousands of miles away.  We strive to achieve better and better quality, by keeping in mind the end use of the product, and the urgency of the delivery.